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New AP89 K Series - 170 Sec OTP IC

New AP89 K Series - 170 Sec OTP IC
Model  : AP 89170 K
Price    : Rs. 100.00/-
Weight : 3.00 Grams

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     aP89170K high performance Voice OTP is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded 4M bits EPROM. It can store up to 170 sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate. 16-bit PCM and 8-bit PCM is also available as user selectable option. User selectable triggering and output signal options provide maximum flexibility to various applications.Built-in resistor controlled oscillator, 16-bit current mode DAC output and 14-bit current mode PWM direct speaker driving output minimize the number of external components. PC controlled programming and developing software available.


  • Replace aP89170 (Pin to Pin)
  • A very HIGH power PWM IC
  • Standard CMOS process.
  • Embedded 4M EPROM.
  • 170sec Voice Length at 6KHz sampling and 4-bit ADPCM compression.
  • Maximum 1024 voice groups.
  • Combination of voice blocks to extend playback duration.
  • User selectable PCM16 or PCM8 or ADPCM data compression.
  • 6 triggering modes are available :
  •  ?Key Mode       ?aP89 Mode       ?MP3 Mode
  •  ?CPU Parallel Mode     ?I2C Mode     ?SPI Mode 
  • Voice Group Trigger Options: Edge/Level; Hold/Un-hold; Retrigger/Non-retrigger.
  • Optional 16ms or 65us (@ 8KHz sampling rate) selectable debounce time.
  • RST pin set to HIGH to stop the playback at once.
  • LVR (Low Voltage Reset)
  • 7 user programmable outputs.
  • 3 kind oscillator : Internal-Rosc, External-Rosc, Crystal.
  • 2V – 5V single power supply and < 5uA low stand-by current.
  • PWM Vout1 and Vout2 drive speaker directly.
  • D/A COUT pin drives speaker through an external BJT. 
  • 16 level Volume control.
  • Audio out 16 bit.
  • Development System support voice compilation.