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80 Sec Re-Recordable IC

80 Sec Re-Recordable IC
Model  : APR 2060 - T2.2
Price    : Rs. 250.00/-
Weight : 3.00 Grams

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Today’s consumers demand the best in audio/voice. They want crystal-clear sound wherever they are  in whatever  format  they  want  to  use.  APLUS  delivers  the  technology  to  enhance  a  listener’s audio/voice experience. 

The  aPR2060  is  powerful  audio  processor  along  with  high  performance  audio  analog-to-digital converters  (ADCs)  and  digital-to-analog  converters  (DACs).  The  aPR2060  are  a  fully integrated solution offering high performance and unparalleled integration with analog input, digital processing and analog output functionality. The aPR2060 incorporates all the functionality required to perform demanding  audio/voice  applications.  High  quality  audio/voice  systems  with  lower bill-of-material costs can be implemented with the aPR2060 because of its integrated analog data converters and full suite of quality-enhancing features such as sample-rate convertor. 



  • Replace APR9301 & APR9600
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3V ~ 6.5V
  • Single Chip Solution with Minimum External Components.
  • Easy Use without Development Systems Required
  • 40 ~ 80 sec. Voice Recording Length
  • Powerful 16-Bits Digital Audio Processor.
  • Nonvolatile Flash Memory Technology without Battery Backup Required
  • External Reset pin.
  • Powerful Power Management Unit
  •    Very Low Standby Current: 1uA         
  •    Low Power-Down Current: 10uA
  •   Supports Power-Down Mode for Power Saving
  • Built-in Audio-Recording Microphone Amplifier
  • Configurable analog interface
  •    Differential­-ended MIC pre-amp for Low Noise     
  •    High Quality Line Receiver
  • High Quality 16 bits Audio Output Resolution
  • Simple And Direct User Interface
  • Adjustable sample rates by external resistors